Spread some holiday joy: give to the hounds!

Gleeful and Glamorous, retired happily under the Hound Welfare Fund's auspices

WHAT better way to show your appreciation for the foxhounds that give us sport than by making a donation to the Hound Welfare Fund this holiday season? Or by giving the gift of HWF merchandise, whose sales also benefit the hounds? Help us give a happy, dignified, and safe retirement to the Iroquois retired hounds who have served so faithfully in the hunt field.

Donations are tax-deductible, and 100 percent of your donation will go directly to the hounds. We’re an all-volunteer charity with no paid staff or overhead, thanks to donated kennel space and utilities. The Hound Welfare Fund provides veterinary care and food for about 20 retired foxhounds, all kenneled at Miller Trust Farm, where they have a large, grassy turnout space, regular exercise, and access to a warm room. Meet some of the current HWF retired hounds here.

So why not make a donation online or by mail now? The hounds will thank you!

The great Stalker, whose story, along with many others, is available at the HWF website linked above

Thanks for thinking of the hounds at this time of year, and happy hunting!

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