Cuppa joe, helpa hound will give 10 percent of your purchase total to Hound Welfare Fund if you order there using the code FULLCRY

WE couldn’t help ourselves. It was the best mug we’d ever seen. With Christmas right around the corner, wouldn’t a breed mug make a fun gift for a dog-lover you know? Naturally, we went for the foxhound mug, but has got 11 pages of breeds, from Afghan hound (white or brown!) to Yorkshire terrier.

We spotted them in Highcliffe Clothiers in Middleburg, Va., but you can order them online. Here’s the best part: use the code FULLCRY when you place your order, and will give 10 percent of your total to the Hound Welfare Fund.

They also have cats, wild animals, and some downright crazy things that are tremendously fun (traditional Chinese dragon, anyone? Treble clef for the rock star in your life? How about a Volkswagen or a soccer player?).

The mugs are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and they’re nice and big! Perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, or a big swig from whatever’s in your flask. I love my foxhound mug so much I’ve got it right on my desk as the official Hound Blog Pencil Holder. They’re a sturdy white ceramic. The animal’s head forms the handle, and the rest of its body is painted onto the mug, along with the breed’s name.

Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and lots of fun, besides! isn’t limited to mugs, either. They’ve also got Christmas ornaments, salt and pepper shakers, and note card holders.

So if you’re looking for a clever and useful gift for the animal lover in your life (or to treat yourself!) try–the hounds will thank you!

3 thoughts on “Cuppa joe, helpa hound

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    • Hooray! So glad you’re planning to treat yourself to one! Don’t forget to use the FULLCRY code, and the hounds will benefit, too. I must say I love mine. It’s about a half-inch taller than the average mug, and, well, it’s just so nice to look at. Thanks for letting us know you liked it!

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