Goodall’s horn brings £2600 at auction

DENISE and James Davies, who discovered Will Goodall’s hunting horn at an auction in Zimbabwe two years ago, sold it today for £2600 at an auction in Cambridge, England. The couple had paid just a few dollars as the only bidders on it at the auction two years ago in Harare.

The Cheffins auction house in Cambridge took the winning bid from a bidder on the telephone, identified as a private collector with hunting connections, but not from Will Goodall’s hunt, the Belvoir.

We’ll have more details on the auction at a later date. For now, many congratulations to the Davieses, and grateful thanks to them for pledging a donation to the Hound Welfare Fund in appreciation for the hound blog’s role in researching this remarkable horn. We have so enjoyed being a part of the story!

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