Well, shoot

ICE BOX didn’t win the Belmont Stakes, much to our Mr. Box‘s disappointment. He finished ninth (but was placed eighth due to Uptowncharlybrown’s DQ to last) in a race that, as our Mr. Box had feared, showed little early pace.

Mr. Box and the Beagle House hounds are a musical lot, and, to express their woe, they have dedicated a special singing of the blues to the equine Ice Box, the defeated Belmont favorite. We wish the hard-running colt much luck in his next race and hope he will turn the tables in the Travers at Saratoga in August!

In case you are wondering, Harry is the lead vocal in the Beagle House Trio. Our Mr. Box contributes both harmony and percussion at various points, and the final “whoot” at the end is his solo.

3 thoughts on “Well, shoot

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  2. Young Cole, stockdog of the limited early-life experiences, had beagle day yesterday — met his first beagle ever, then his second beagle ever, at two successive parties. (Well, first one was a SAR unit training, which to him is a party.)

    Response: “What areyou, what do you want of me, and what is that sound you are making?!

    This morning, playing the choir: “What, there are more of them?”

    No musical talent at all.

    • It’s too bad we have to pretend we’ve gone out in order to get our beagles singing on tape, because the best part really is watching them sing. Harry, in particular, is a treat to watch: he half-closes his eyes and turns his head right up in the air, and he looks for all the world like a blues singer. He begins with clear notes, but then as he goes he sound throatier. Very woebegone. Bingo and Toby are the bass and percussion of the ensemble, and often Toby only howls a little, preferring to do the percussive BARK BARK BARK periodically. I often wonder how it all sounds to them as they’re doing it–does it sound like music?

      Very glad Cole got to meet his first beagles! They do generally make outstanding companions for any sort of game!

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