The World is His Oyster

Driver, center, on his first summer hound walk.

MONDAY was the day we’ve all been waiting for. Driver’s first hound walk. He loved it! He dove right into it, and we’re not just speaking figuratively, as you’ll see in the video.

Remember when he was only this big? That was almost a year ago, in July 2009, and we thought he was a pupposaurus then!

As you watch the video of Driver’s big outdoor adventure, keep in mind the fact that Driver had never seen a pond before, and had only seen horses from a distance. Confident? You bet he is! But still very much a puppy. We think Iroquois joint-master Jerry Miller, who walked the hounds that day, said it best: “Paper on steroids.”

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6 thoughts on “The World is His Oyster

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  5. He really is something to look at. The thing that amazes me about him is how light on his feet he is, considering his massive size. His confidence, too, is astonishing. He galloped straight down to the edge of that pond, waded right in, spotted the thing in the middle, and just swam straight out into the middle of the pond without a moment’s thought, never having been in water before.

    One very nice thing: the other puppies didn’t follow him when he went off on his own, so it should be easier to reinforce the point now that, hey, Driver, dude, it’s better to stick with the pack. But for his first walk, it was nice to see him get to experience the wider world for the first time! I can’t wait to see more of him as his training continues.

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