Pups in Australia

Many thanks to Cheryl and Ivan Bunting, who sent us these photos of their future stars in Australia.

PUPPIES were in the houndbloggers’ inbox the other day, courtesy of Cheryl and Ivan Bunting of Australia. The Buntings were writing to let us know that they read the Hound Blog in Australia, which made us happy to hear, and they also mentioned that they have a new pack of hounds down under, the North East & Border Foxhounds.

We’re hoping to hear more about the Buntings’ adventures as they found a new pack, starting with these young fellows. As you know, the houndbloggers are suckers for cute puppies, and the Buntings appear to have plenty of those! These were four weeks old when the picture was taken, according to Cheryl.

“We are just starting off with a good draft of hounds from an old established club who my husband Ivan was huntsman for, hunting hounds for 13 seasons,” wrote Cheryl.

Good luck, Buntings, and we hope you’ll send us more photographs and updates as your hunt develops!

2 thoughts on “Pups in Australia

  1. These hounds are going well, first season, we hunt them on foot, have accounted for seven red foxes, hunting out with some very good reliable older hounds, plenty of drive, nose and voice, looking foreword to next season with them. kind regards Cheryl bunting.

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