Equal time for the quarry

Never let it be said that the houndbloggers don’t give equal time to the hounds’ quarry. We’ve already given a summary of Dr. Stan Gehrt’s outstanding presentation on the urban coyote, and now we turn to the bunny. Our friend the rabbit was last seen in these pages darting in and out of the native grasses, with beagles and bassets in hot pursuit. But what do bunnies do in the off season, when they’re not giving beagles and bassets fiendishly clever puzzles to sort out? You’ll never guess. The answer, from England’s Daily Telegraph, via Denmark: they compete in showjumping (or, as it is properly called, “rabbit hopping”).

Click here to read the Daily Telegraph article.

You must see the video. It shows the winning bunnies’ performance in high jump, long jump, a straight course of jumps, and a traditional showjumping course. No, I’m not kidding.

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