Goofy searches

Seek and ye shall find the hound blog. Whether you intended to or not.

Just for fun, I thought I’d publish a post of the goofy searches people have made in the last six months that have brought them, via their favorite search engines, to the hound blog. These appear on the blog’s administrative page, and I am not making them up. Some appear to be simple misspellings, like “hounting sadels,” but I have to say I kind of like the word “hounting.” I think that should be the technical term for what people do when they ride to hunt, rather than hunt to ride. Or maybe it already is the technical term for what a ghost pack does: hounting.

Some search terms are far more alarming, and others are baffling. Here is a collection from the last few months. I guess it’s nice to know we have visitors from everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. The comments in parentheses are the houndbloggers’ notations!

Thurlow steam rally leather skirt

bedtime whipping (!!!)

Will a beagle eat a mole? (yes)

Mail 8 million dog (that would be quite a postage bill)

Iroquois hunk (I know who I’m voting for)

Dewlap giant toulouse geese (… huh …?)

Gentleman (I wonder how many search results this person got?)

A hunting Gentleman.

Best twisty pictures

Somebody watching you (I think they need more than a hound blog to help with this query)

cry sheep (and let slip the sheep of war?)

cute puppies (We know exactly how this search brought them to the hound blog!)

Driver in July 2009.

felix long dog

marvin the hollow hound (This search, surprisingly, wasn’t so goofy after all!

oil on

warm beverages

Oldest harryahound (our Harryahound is eight)

Our Harryahound.

like a pair of puppies noses

too many beagles (oh, honey, we’re with you!)

secretary crying vintage

there were a lot of cattle (we’ll take your word for it)

torture machines (Good God! I hope this wasn’t anyone I know …)

One example of a houndblogger torture machine: the Dressage Saddle.

arches built at the church entrance

wrinkly old people

hot tubs in cheshire

almost perfect situation (hey, when you find it, please: let me in on the secret!)

that gives master Vork weapons (That was the translation Google Translate gave us for the original Russian. Our question: who thought it was a good idea to give Master Vork weapons? And why did the search engine see those terms and think “Hound blog!” Have we ever used the word Vork?)

And one from this morning: Hooroosh anemal. (This sounds like a good thing to say when one of the house hounds get in my way, as they are wont to do, when I walk anywhere near the dogs’ cookie jar or the closet where the leashes are … hooroosh, animal!)

All we can say is, we hope these people enjoyed the hound blog once they got here. Perhaps they even spotted the Iroquois hunk!

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