Godspeed, Barman


Barman and joint-Master Jerry Miller on hound walk in August.


WE were deeply saddened to learn today of the death of young Barman ’07, who came to us from the Cottesmore hounds in the spring of 2009. Barman showed great promise but suffered from a significant seizure last year. He lived for a time with the retired hounds while his progress on medication was being monitored, and, not having had a seizure again, he returned to summer walk with the pack this summer. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and was put to sleep on Thursday.

Barman was a handsome, strapping, almost entirely white doghound with a lot of charisma, and the houndbloggers regarded him with special affection. He will be missed, not least by kennel manager Michael Edwards.

To read more about Barman and his introduction to American hunting, click here and here. You can also see him in this video, taken in January, during his time with the retirees.

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