When the puppies came to visit

"This is MY house, and you are under my command," explained Harry when hound puppies came to visit. "Here, you must swear an oath of loyalty to me and pay me tributes in many delicious biscuits."

It turns out there are limits to Harry's authority, after all.

7 thoughts on “When the puppies came to visit

    • That’s a good thing, because, as you know, Harry loves you, too. Or at least he doesn’t bite you. Same thing in his book.

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  2. just found you and so wish you were on blogspot! from wv and always wondered about your hunt. i noticed you featured a pic of a darling little fox from clink. would love to see maggie and clink and other members on their ‘ponies’ as i do not get to see these wonderful people until show season. love the sweet puppies, hope they are train well and remain healthy…

    • Hello and welcome, Farm Tails. It sounds like you know some of our members very well in their other lives in the show world! I hope you’ll stop by regularly an read about the various hounds and their activities.

    • Hi, Jen! They’ve already moved on to some other friends of Iroquois and reports are that they are doing well. We’re just glad that the puppies’ time at the Beagle House “way station” didn’t ruin them. As far as we know, anyway …

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