11 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again!

    • Hi, Ron–thanks! Hoping to have more video, possibly incorporating some of our huntsman’s helmet camera footage, as the season progresses. I’m planning to head to a meet at that fixture again later this week.

  1. Very nice! My grandfather was with a hunt club when i was a kid. i spent my saturdays in the fall and winter waking up early to tag along. no cartoons for me….horses, horns and hounds in full cry! have happy and safe hunting!!

    • Hi, Tom! Great way to spend your childhood Saturdays! Do you remember which hunt your grandfather was with? My goal has always been to get a good video clip of our hounds in full cry, but it’s not easy when you’re chasing coyote over wide open spaces. I long for the day when I can get a reasonably priced handheld HD camera with a huge zoom capability. Thanks for the good wishes for the coming season!

      • Pickering Hunt in Chester County PA. By the time I we movd back and I began my adventures with him, he followed the hunt over hill and dale in an old pick up, that somehow managed to get half the pack back to the kennels! We helped gather strays and did work at the the kennels/stables and attended all the events. Even though he passed, many of those involved with the organization are still good friends with that side of the family. I wish I had more time to get reacquainted with the huntsman in charge, i’d love to be a part of the saturday hunts and show my daughter (at some point, shes only 6 months old…)what i enjoyed so much growing up! I think it’d be good to get involved. So much of the sport relies on privilege for both private and public land, i can only hope those lands remain just as they are, and riders continue to hunt over them. that was my long answer, haha!

        • That was a wonderful answer! One of the things I most appreciate about foxhunting and beagling, too, are their role in land and wildlife conservation. As you say, long may that land remain countryside, undeveloped and available for hunting. I hope you (and eventually your daughter!) will find your way back to the hunt again. There’s no better way to spend a day, as I was reminded again yesterday when I took my husband’s horse out for his first hunt. Next week I’ll probably car follow, and I find that as interesting, too!

    • Hello, Janice! We’ve been lucky with the weather so far. I love those golden mornings during cubbing! This year, the country is more lush than it was last October, when we were in a drought, and that only adds to the beauty of the mornings. Mainly, though, it tickles me to see how happy the hounds are, leaping through the beans!

        • Well, in fairness, they’re not actually IN the beans! But the hunt does ask permission to draw the beans as needed, and the landowners are supportive. Our landowners really are great.

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