An Irish Hunting Year in Pictures and Audio

This is, quite simply, one of the most gorgeous slideshows we’ve ever seen. There are fearsome Irish banks, sly foxes, and mud-splattered hounds, and much more. It’s from sporting photographer David Ryan, and it’s not just the photographs that make this piece so evocative. It’s also the glorious audio. Click play, turn your volume up a bit, and let yourself be carried through an Irish hunt season, from puppy show to hunt ball.

9 thoughts on “An Irish Hunting Year in Pictures and Audio

  1. making me homesick now watching this, god i miss hunting i used to hunt with the fermanagh harriers few times a year but i usually hunted with the knocks/donagh huntclub a foot pack i used to be the terrier man i had my first hound when i was 9 yrs old now im living in the usa its still in my blood the sound of a good pack in full chase is like listening to opera music

    • I hope you find some good hunting in the US, Paddy! I lived in Ireland for a year when I was a university student, though I didn’t hunt there, sadly; this photo slideshow made me miss my riding friends from those days. Also made me wish I could get out hunting more here at home!

      • hi where abouts in ireland where you in college im from N. ireland co.fermanagh i go home once a year & spend a day hunting with my old pack sadly most of the huntsmen are getting on in years but they still have the passion for hunting they go out every wednesday & sundays they are a foot pack of harriers its better on foot because the terrian we hunt is tough on horseback but the fermanagh harriers used to come a few times a year & would bring a spare horse for me i used to guide them where to find foxes & hares i miss it alot regards paddy

        • The little I’ve seen of Northern Ireland is so beautiful! I can well imagine the terrain would call for foot packs! I like hunting on foot, although even in my fittest days I found hunting in really steep country (North Wales) too difficult for very long. I studied abroad for a year at Trinity in Dublin. Loved Dublin but much preferred the countryside. Haven’t been back to Ireland in close to 20 years now, and I understand a lot of the pretty country between Dublin and Co. Kildare got very developed in the boom years–sad to me. That was pretty country, too, but not as dramatically beautiful as the north!

        • Postscript to add (my initial reply is below!) that I’ll have to feature more David Ryan photo slideshows if it makes you think of home. He’s on YouTube and well worth a look there, too.

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