The rarest and woolliest woollies

Mr. Houndblogger occasionally likes to peruse the Daily Mail, and he sometimes turns up some fun hound-related stories. Today we offer you one about an otterhound litter. Cute Puppy Warning!

To read the story and see the pictures, please click here.

We were not entirely surprised to learn that the otterhound, one of the houndbloggers’ favorites, is considered a rare breed and that there are (at least according to this article) only about 1,000 left, of which about 300 live in Britain.

To see a couple of otterhounds in motion, check ’em out in our 2011 Peterborough video above. The otterhounds are at about the 4:22 mark.

2 thoughts on “The rarest and woolliest woollies

    • They are pretty darn big! I love them, too, but I think we’ll be sticking with beagles. They’re more our size.

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