Our video archive

ENJOY catching the hound blog videos? We thought we’d make it easy for everyone to find favorites again by posting them all here, by basic category.


Iroquois Hunt Blessing Day 2010

Iroquois Hunt’s cubbing season 2010

Boone Valley Meet 10-27-10

Foxtrot 10-06-10: Driver’s First Meet

Royal Artillery Hunt (England) 12-27-11 Boxing Day Meet

Clear Creek Beagles Nov. 26, 2010

Royal Artillery Hunt (England) 3-24-10

Clear Creek Beagles 3-7-10

Sandanona Harehounds:

The bassets visit Kentucky

Clear Creek Beagles

Iroquois Hunt

Huntsman Lilla Mason gallops Little Kansas

Foxtrot meet 11-28-09

Dulin’s meet 11-22-09

Iroquois Blessing Day 2009: Blessing of the Hounds

Iroquois Blessing Day 2009: In the country, including a jump

Iroquois Blessing Day 2009: Another jump

Iroquois Blessing Day 2009: The hunt rides up the road

Middleburg Hunt Christmas Parade 2009


The HA litter (Hawkeye ex Baffle) February 2011

HA litter (Hawkeye ex Baffle) December 2010

HA litter (Hawkeye ex Baffle) as newborns November 2010


Virginia Hound Show 2010

Virginia Hound Show: Hailstone wins single crossbred dog-entered class


Spinning the Golden Thread

Puppies of Two Species

The World is His Oyster

Puppy, Meet Calf

Heifers and Hounds

Puppy’s Life: Leashes 101

It’s All in the Details (May 2010)

First Road Trip (May 2010)

Hound show training (May 2010). Demonstrates “space invaders” training technique to reduce dominance, as well as “switch on/switch off” technique. Hounds shown include Backfire, Barwick, Hailstone ’09,  Gaelic ’09,  and Gaudy ’09.

The Volunteers (May 2010). Hound walk with Iroquois Hunt’s hound program volunteers. Starring the volunteers,  the one-year-old BA puppies, one-year-old Driver, Gaudy ’09, and the Biscuit Clean-Up Crew: retired hound Steady ’01.

Clear Creek Beagles summer walk 2009

Iroquois summer walk 2009

Iroquois summer walk 2009: Paper plays

Iroquois summer walk 2009: Huntsman’s point of view and kennel up

Iroquois summer walk 2009: Pond exercise


Baffle’s Hawkeye puppies (2010)

Inside the kennel (2010)

Warm room (2010)

Kennel open house group photo (2010)


Banknote and Driver: The Long and the Short of It (2010)

Battle (February 2010)

Battle (April 2010). Also includes huntsman Lilla Mason and jt-MFH Jerry Miller on conformation, judging hounds, and hound showing strategies.

Battle and Bagshot (May 2010). With comments by huntsman Lilla Mason, including thoughts on shyness and confidence in puppies. Also demonstrates the “switch on/switch off” training technique.

Driver (2010)

Driver (April 2010). Part of our hound conformation series.

Driver (May 2010). Biscuit chasing and standing on the boards. Hound training and conformation.

Hawkeye and Payton, large and medium foxhounds, Also includes Iroquois jt-MFH discussing hound conformation and breeding trends.

Paper (2010)

Paper Plays (2009)

Grindstone (2009)


Bingo and The Squirrel

Mr. Box in training for the 2010 Kentucky Derby

Beagle House Hounds Sing the Blues

Dogs’ Snow Day


Summer Scenes 2010

World Equestrian Games driving marathon (2010)

World Equestrian Games driving marathon – Boyd Exell

World Equestrian Games driving marathon – Head of the Lake

World Equestrian Games – mechanical cutting horse

Hot shots benefit the HWF Aug. 29, 2010

Floodwaters on Boone Creek May 2010

Floodwaters on Boone Creek September 2009

Iroquois Hunt country panaorama

Tattersalls auction: Edmond Mahony

Tattersalls auction: Alastair Pim

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