Yikes! Or why the hounds stayed in today (with video)

Who left the tap on? Boone Creek, which runs alongside the historic Iroquois Hunt Club, was a raging torrent this morning thanks to several days and nights of heavy rains.

Who left the tap on? Boone Creek, which runs alongside the historic Iroquois Hunt Club, was a raging torrent this morning thanks to several days and nights of heavy rains. If you're familiar with the area, this photo was taken just a few yards upstream from the hunt club's back door, right alongside Grimes Mill Road. The road evidently flooded overnight but Boone Creek was back in its banks--barely!--early this afternoon. Yes, the old bridge is still standing!

I ADMIT it. For the last few weeks I’ve been hoping for rain. Well, we got it, didn’t we? (Tonight I’m going to try hoping for a winning lottery ticket and see how that goes! Floods of money, maybe?)

Roading the hounds was cancelled today, which is easy to understand, considering the extremely wet conditions. Farmers don’t care for hoofprints dug into their soaked farmland and dirt roads, and with creeks and waterways at flood stage, it’s dangerous to the hounds, too.

The thing about Boone Creek, someone once explained to me, is that most of it is lined by rock at the bottom, not by sand. And when a really serious torrent gets going, like it is today, the water moves especially fast. And it carries a lot of danger with it: fast-moving stones, metal and household debris, and branches are some of the things we saw racing past under the bridge while we were out taking pictures. Makes you shudder to think what would happen if one of those hit a hound or your horse’s leg. Of course, today’s flow was so exceptionally fast, you really wouldn’t stand a chance if you even edged into it.

Like they say, don’t fool with Mother Nature. The most amazing things we noticed, besides the sheer speed and volume of the normally placid waters at Boone Creek, were how loud the rushing water was and how strong the floodwaters’ smell was. The odor is difficult to describe, but it’s very earthy and almost mushroomy, but it smells a bit cleaner than the slightly decayed smell mushrooms often have. You can get an indication of the creek’s roar and speed from the video below (sorry we couldn’t tape the creek’s distinctive odor!).

The water was lapping the back wall of the hunt club at about 2 p.m., but it actually appears to have receded since nighttime. There were debris paths across the road that indicated water had crossed Grimes Mill Road at some stage, and someone had put a flood-warning sign in the middle of the road before the bridge. I’d guess the water was about five feet from the bottom of the bridge.

Flood waters at IHC 007

Seeing all this, we were thankful our horses are stabled on high ground, and we hope yours are, too! I should hasten to add, for those blog visitors who are not familiar with the Iroquois layout, that the hounds also are safe on high ground. The club house is for humans, and the kennels are well up the hill!

And now we see the sun is shining, so that bodes well, even if it takes some time for the creek to go down again. In the meantime, stay safe and dry!

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